The settings in the Hairs section will determine how any Hairs are applied.


Use the Amount setting to determine the number of hairs applied to the image.

Min. Length/Max. Length
These two values allow you to set the minimum and maximum length of a hair. The actual length for a hair will be determined at random within this range for every single hair. Both ranges are scaled from 0% (no length) to 100% (4 times the images' diameter).

Using the Curl setting you can determine how much the hairs are curled. The amount of curling is based on absolute lengths so short hairs may appear as a circle whilst long hairs will be spiralling around many times with the same Curl setting.

This setting determines the actual visibility of the effect, setting it to any
version higher than 0% will mix the hairs with the image.

Color range
These two boxes determine the range of colors which will be used by OldMovie. The actual colors used will determined at random by OldMovie and are within the lineair range specified by the two boxes, so setting one to black and one to white will only produce greyscales. By clicking on the Hair color boxex you can specify an alternative hair color instead of the default ones.
It is advised to pick a very dark color since this will create a more realistic effect. If you want to use only one color you should make both color ranges identical.

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