The fact that you're watching this on-line help system says that you've already managed to install it in some way or another.

If your graphics application still does not recognize the OldMovie plug-in (it should be available through a filters/plug-in menu called "VanDerLee") you've most likely not installed it in the correct directory or have not fully followed the instructions provided by your graphic applications' vendor.

Your graphics application will have one or more directories specified in which you can put the plug-ins. Depending on the application you're using it can either recursively browse subdirectories in that plug-in directory. If this is the case (check the applications' manual) you should find the directory in which OldMovie is installed (probably something like "C:\Program Files\Application\Plugins\OldMovie") and move the files in that directory to the root plug-in directory (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Application\Plugins").

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