PreviewZoom buttons
The zoom buttons (the plus and the minus signs) allow you to zoom in (plus) or out (minus) of the picture to view details or the complete overview of the picture.
To the left of these buttons is a small progress bar which indicates the current phase in refreshing the preview after a setting has changed. Due to the diverse nature of the effects this progress bar will not progress smoothly but will give you a very decent estimation of the time needed.
If the preview image is bigger than can be shown in the window, you can click on the preview and drag it in any direction you wish.

Although the OldMovie plug-in has many features, methods and systems to ensure a preview that is as  accurate as possible, the nature of some of the effects make it impossible to perfectly simulate the effects in any other zoom level than 100%. If you need to have an absolutely accurate preview, you should zoom in to 100%, any other zoom level may not show a fully correct preview.

Stop preview
The refreshing of the preview can be stopped by pressing the escape key on your keyboard whilst refreshing. The original image will then be displayed instead of the real preview and refreshing will restart whenever you change any of the settings.
Please be patient after pressing the escape key, it may take a few seconds for OldMovie to react. Pressing the escape key twice will exit OldMovie so beware not to accidently press it twice.

Internet link
If you click on the text to the right of the zoom buttons (""), your internet browser will start and try and connect to our web site at

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