OldMovie can save a virtually unlimited number of settings through using the load & save buttons. The blue button on the left, containing the folder icon is used to load in previously saved settings, the yellow one with the disk icon is used for saving.

buttons_file.gif (3185 bytes)Saving
If you've painstakingly configured OldMovie to perfection you'd probably like to be able to save these settings for later use. You can do this by pressing the "Save" button. Next you will see a standard Windows dialog for saving files. Just specify the filename and the settings will be saved. Note that if you do not or wrongfully specify the default .oms extension of the settings files, OldMovie will add it for you. The configuration files need not be saved into the default location but it is more convenient to do so. You could also create subdirectories containing different types of settings.

Loading in a previously saved configuration works similar to saving. Just press the "Open" button and a standard Windows dialog will appear, this time showing all the previously saved settings files. Just double-click or press the "Open" button and the settings will be loaded.

Pressing the "Delete" button will also show you a window. From this window you can select a previously saved settings file and upon double-clicking or pressing the "Open" button in this window, that specific file will be deleted.

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