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Plug-ins for artists and graphics professionals.

Since 1997, VanDerLee™ has been making top quality and decent priced plug-ins for Photoshop™ compatible graphics applications.

Our plug-ins offer a degree of freedom and ease-of-use not found elsewhere, providing the most flexible and fast tools, with quality output the top priority.

VanDerLee products are used by professionals and amateurs in many fields, from photography to artistic projects to scrapbooking. We work closely with the users of our plug-ins to continuously improve them. Our plug-ins are based on years of input from experts in the field, corporate customers and end-user feedback.

We give you the tools you need.

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AlphaToys windowsAlphaToys ($ 24.90)
16 powerful plug-ins for changing transparency just like you can with color.
FilterOptix windowsFilterOptix ($ 29.90)
Shoot first, ask questions later. High-quality lens filter emulation for Photoshop.
Halftone windowsHalftone ($ 29.90)
Make any type of halftone dither you can think of. Use custom shapes, twist and turn dot layout. All with top quality.
OldMovie windowsOldMovie ($ 24.90)
Make any image look old, worn and torn. Add dust, stains, hair and scratches. Use vignette, apply defocus, set film type.
UnPlugged-X windowsUnPlugged-X ($ 24.90)
Over 100 graphics tools and effects. Mix them together, change them at any time. All from a single Photoshop plug-in.
Plug-in Bundle windowsPlug-in Bundle ($ 79.90)
All VanDerLee plug-ins for over 40% discount. That means five plug-ins for the price of three.