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V100 Screenshot 1.
Demonstrating the split field effect to achieve a gradient close-up effect that adds perspective to the picture.
FilterOptix™ has a number of mask effects which let you apply effects to only part of the filter. Combining these mask effects to create complex filters.

V100 Screenshot 2.
The registration tab after registering. Registering FilterOptix is easy; just install the demo version, get a registration key, press the button and you've got full access to all the features. The image in this screenshot is using an infrared filter.

V100 Screenshot 3.
The filter tab is where you control the rotation and level of the filter, relative to the picture. You can also set focus and scale here, to accurately simulate the distance between the filter and the film (or sensor, if you photograph digitally).

V100 Screenshot 4.
The color effect demonstrated here allows you to create any kind of color filter you need. From simple colors to complex gradients of multiple colors and multiple transparency levels. You're not limited to linear gradients either; choose any from the set of gradient types included and use different color modes for different types of filtering.