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About Us

VanDerLee™ specialize in Photoshop™ plug-ins for the professional market. Photography, special effects, graphic design, prepress, post-production and clothing/textile design are amongst the market sectors we serve. We are a mean and lean company, based in the Netherlands.

Our main focus for products is on...

  • Quality
    Quality must equal or surpass that of similar products in order to compete in the professional market.
  • Flexibility
    Different people use our products in different ways; we provide them the means to get everything out of the product. 
  • Ease of use
    Power is useless without a means to control it. We keep everything simple and clean so our clients can get their work done with minimal distraction.
  • Performance
    Having to wait disturbs the creative process, costing even more time. We keep our products lean and mean so our clients can keep going.

We maintain a low profile as far as advertising and marketing is concerned, instead relying on word of mouth amongst the graphics community and a personal approach to reaching the high-end of the market. This allows us to keep costs low, which shows in our prices and makes our products an easy choice for amateur and professional graphics artists and designers alike.


VanDerLee started around 1997 as a personal interest of it's founder, Martijn van der Lee. After years creating computer graphics (both 2D and 3D) on a variety of platforms, Martijn encountered Photoshop and it's bundled filter programming language Filter Factory. Just a few months later the first product was released; UnPlugged™. A set of graphical effects still going strong in it's current incarnation "UnPlugged-X™".

Over the years, Martijn started focusing more and more on building graphical effects, switched to more powerful development methods, which resulted in our 1999 release of Harmonix™; a simple plug-in meant to demonstrate harmonic wave mixing.

Now, over a decade since it's incarnation, VanDerLee offers a number of plug-ins geared towards the professional artistic market, ranging from pure artistic effects like OldMovie™ used for photography and film post-processing, to the more serious Halftone™ for design, artistic work, post-production and prepress markets and Camouflage™, popular in the 3D and game development community.