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Wednesday July 18, 2007
UnPlugged-X v2.1.68 released
Mixing plug-ins without guessing work.

Mixing plug-ins without guessing work

A big problem with applying multiple filters to a layer is that if the end-result didn't turn out quite right, you can do it all over again.

Today VanDerLee™ releases the latest version of their UnPlugged™-X plug-in which aims to fix this problem. UnPlugged-X™ is a collection of over 100 filter effects combined into a single window.

By putting all those effects together, you gain advantages not possible if the effects would have been separated. For instance; you can add several of the effects together, preview what they'll look like when they are applied, then go back and fine-tune the individual effects afterwards without having to go back and re-apply all the other filter effects. By being able to preview all the effects at once, you no longer need to guess at what settings will work best when combined with other filter effects.

UnPlugged-X includes a wide variety of filter effects, ranging from all kinds strange special effects to huge productivity savers and very basic effects you'll find in every graphics application but absolutely need when you want to combine the filter effects together. This latest version of UnPlugged-X includes a number of new filters such as offset (in multiple ways), color fill, invert, mirror and "intensity to transparency". This latter effect make pixels more transparent, the brighter (or darker, at you choosing) they are, especially useful for combining multiple effects.

Although you can simply apply singular effects if you need, effects can also be combined in a layer system similar to those found in a typical graphics application, but geared toward handling effects. There are various ways in which to combine these effects using layers. An array of 18 mixing modes covering all the common layer mixing modes is available, as is a transparency slider and both can be set for each individual layer. This version of UnPlugged-X improves upon the previous layer system by adding two different ways of stacking layers; either next to each other, where each effect is rendered on the source image, or on top of each other, where effects are based on the image generated by the previous effect. Since each layer can be of either type, practically unlimited different combinations are possible.

There are also a wealth of other changes such as the usual interface improvements, new features to existing effects and a number of bug fixes. Also new is the internal transparency. UnPlugged-X now handles all images as if they have a transparency (a.k.a. "alpha") layer. This makes it possible to use effects such as the aforementioned "intensity to transparency" on all image types and also increases the possibilities of many of the older effects. 

If you want to learn more about UnPlugged-X, you can visit or e-mail VanDerLee at For further contact information, visit

VanDerLee is a Dutch company devoted to improving the workflow of graphic professional and artist. For nearly a decade, VanDerLee has supported the Photoshop™, and computer graphics community at large, with a library of both free and commercial plug-ins.

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